Profile Hiroyuki Nemoto

 Hiroyuki Nemoto Hiroyuki Nemoto

Executive Director
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)


Mr. Hiroyuki Nemoto is the Executive Director of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Johannesburg and also a board member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan in South Africa (CCIJ). He graduated from the Commerce Faculty of Meiji University in March 1988 and went on to join JETRO in the same year. He worked in several JETRO divisions including the Planning and Coordination, North America Affairs Bureau, International Communication, Invest Japan Business Support Centre, Trade and Economic Cooperation as well as being the Director General for Domestic and overseas offices.  Mr. Nemoto also worked in overseas offices such as JETRO Houston, in the USA (Director) and JETRO Bangkok, in Thailand (Vice President); He now has over 28 years of experience with the organization.

Mr. Nemoto currently serves as the Head of the Africa Region in JETRO, overlooking seven offices in Africa. His position plays a fundamental role in promoting and facilitating the development of a mutually beneficial economic relationship between Africa and Japan. JETRO’s activities can be summed up into five categories.

  1. Promoting investment by Japanese companies under ownership of Africa.
  2. Creating business opportunities in Africa for Japanese companies.
  3. Promoting cooperation between Japanese companies and third-county companies.
  4. Promoting “quality infrastructure” business by Japanese companies.
  5. Enhancing provision of business information on Africa to Japanese companies.